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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ This Repository includes software and information related to the Salland Electro
These devices are capable of detecting each other within the range of standard 2.4GHz wifi. They use custom firmware that can be programmed to adjust the frequency of detection.
They require a support infrastructure of check-in/out nodes. This will switch the device on (indicated by LED colour) and logging starts. In order to keep correct network time a node should be used to broadcast network time (this is sent through the devices via a gossip algorithm). The device has 4MB onboard memory.
The repositoy includes:
The repository includes:
1. Documentation: Look in Docs for descriptions of devices and software (for overview see PDFS docs/salland_manuals)
2. Downloader Software: A python package that extracts logs from devices and processes them
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