Commit b4942b40 authored by victor azizi's avatar victor azizi
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Added some cells to default pipeflow config

parent c5f4968a
datapath './data/hdf5/'
domainppm '/home/HemoCell2D/sim/geom/preinlet_300_600.ppm'
domainppm './preinlet_300_600.ppm'
casepath './'
tmax 10000
tmeas 1000
......@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ ctrs 0.74e-9
cvol 7.25e4
tcell 1
chinge 1.0e-1
ct1_ratio 0.0
ct2_ratio 0.0e0
ct1_ratio 0.4
ct2_ratio 0.1e0
lspradius 0.3
width 300
re 3.57
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